About Richnor Springs


The Richnor Springs Neighborhood Association (RSNA) welcomes you to the neighborhood family! If you live within the bounds of the Richnor Springs neighborhood you are already a member, and we want to know you. We meet on the third Tuesday of every month at Loyola’s 5104 Building on York Road. At these meetings we discuss neighborhood concerns, plan social events, and build our community, so come join us and help make your home the best place to live in Baltimore.

Neighborhood Association Officers
Karen V.McIntyre, President
Carlwell Page, Vice President
Calvin Givens, Treasurer
Debbie Givens, Secretary

Block Captains
The RSNA is looking for block captains to help organize local initiatives. Please contact Karen McIntyre if you are interested in becoming a block captain.

East Coldspring Lane                                       Richwood Avenue             
500 Block:  Vacancy                                           500 Block:  Vacancy
700 Block:  Vacancy                                           600 Block – Carolyn Hunter
800 Block:  Vacancy                                           700 Block:  Vacancy
                                                                         800 Block:  Vacancy

Radnor Avenue                                                  Old York Road
500 Block:  Vacancy                                            4700 Bock:  Vacancy
600 Block:  Mike Benn                                         4800 Block:  Vacancy
700 Block:  Calvin Givens
800 Block:  Calvin Givens                                    Alhambra Avenue
d                                                                           4700 Block:  Karen McIntyre
Wrenwood Avenue                                             4800 Block:  Carlwell Page
4800 Block:  Vacancy